Birth of Alexander


Prior to giving birth I was in contact with Jessica who was easily contactable and very accommodating. She advised that anytime I was ready to go to hospital to let her know and unless her own kids were sick she would not be able to make it which in my mind was dedication and as good as 99.99% that she would be there for the birth process of my son. Due to time constraints as my son came 2 and a half weeks early the day I was admitted was the first time I met her and I would like to say we got along wonderfully. She was extremely supportive throughout my whole labour and she even paid attention to the small details like how far apart my contractions were and how long which was something that totally escaped my mind as my husband had to leave to get my daughter from daycare. I would like to say that she was more than a videographer and photographer. She was immensely supportive and helped me get through some very extremely painful contractions as I did not end up having any drugs this time. I am extremely thankful she was there as she was comforting and is experienced in being a support person. Ultimately not only was I lucky to have her there with me she also took many pictures that now form memories that I will be able to share with my son when he is older and family who were not in the birthing suite with me. I recently lost my youngest brother aged 21 yrs and it made me realise that while your memories dim the photos will be as clear as yesterday and is something that we need to remember to take when we can and usually in all the excitement taking photos is something usually forgotten till its too late. So I would definitely recommend using Jessica to capture your birthing journey as it is something special and will only happen once per child and once that moment is gone you can't turn back time. Jessica thank you so much!!! Words will never express the gratitude I feel towards you sharing the birth of my son but thank you again for being there!!! Lots of Love Cassandra, Tung, Tiana and baby Alexander!!! 



Birth of Harlee


There truly are no words to explain the gratitude and appreciation we have for Jessica and her amazing talents from Home-Grown Photography. She has given us the gift of capturing many special moments during the birth of our son Harlee and anyone considering the same would be very lucky to have her. What touched us most is that within our gift, she captured feelings and told our story in the most professional, tasteful manner. Our family can now relive these magical moments at any time and I couldn't be more grateful. Thankyou for being a part of our special day and for sharing our story with friends and family  - Skye, Adrian and baby Harlee.





Birth of Arianna


I had the absolute pleasure of having Jessica at the birth of my first child. I read of the idea in a pregnancy magazine and was a little hesitant as I am what I would explain as a 'prude' after some research I decided that it was a moment I would never want to forget. I found and contacted Jessica as soon as I had seen previous work of hers and I certainly was not disappointed. She was absolutely incredible to work with. So professional, understanding and encouraging. She gave space at just the right times, was a great support for not only me but also my other support people and such a trooper throughout my labour. The video she made has bought everyone I showed to tears and the photos I've seen are beyond beautiful. It was an honour and privilege to have her present at my birth. I have and would highly recommend anyone to use Jessica and her photography service. Professional, Compassionate, Dedicated and Reliable. Jessica I can never ever thank you enough or express how much the work you did means and will continue to mean to me and one day my daughter - Crysta and baby Arianna.

Birth of Archer

We can’t say enough about Jessica from Home-Grown Photography. We were truly blessed to have stumbled upon her Facebook page, and to have had the privilege of working with her. Aaron and I met Jess for the first time at our maternity shoot where she made us both feel comfortable right from the get go. We both hate having photos taken, but Jess was able to instil a sense of confidence that helped us both to relax. She listened to our likes, understood our vision, and made it a thousand times better. Not only did we commission Jess to photograph our maternity session, but also the impending birth of our son Archer. She arrived promptly at our scheduled time, graciously introduced herself to the nursing staff and then settled into the background capturing moments of tenderness, warmth and joy. As my labour progressed, together with Cortney and Aaron, Jess was such a pillar of strength for me and provided encouraging words to help me along the way. As I was taken into theatre where Jess wasn’t allowed to be, incredibly she allowed my partner to take her fancy camera into theatre with him so he could capture the birth of our baby, WOW! Jess, thank you so much for helping Aaron and I memorialize such an incredibly special time in our lives, you have amazing talent! We are speechless at the depth of emotions and life you captured; profound love, bliss, joy, happiness and of course pain. You had both Aaron and I in tears as we gazed at the screen watching the compilation of memories that you put together for us - Emily, Aaron and Archer.  



Birth of Lacy

A few months into my pregnancy with our second daughter I suggested to my husband about the idea of a birth photographer. After a Facebook search we stumbled across Jessica from Home-grown photography after a few emails we were lucky enough to have Jessica free the month of my due date . We spoke via email up until my due date . The first time we met Jessica was at the hospital not long before we were taken into our birthing room. From the very first moment my husband and I both felt completely comfortable with her . Jessica was amazing throughout my labour and a great pillar of strength for myself as my contractions progressed . She encouraged me in the times where I was ready to give up . We can not thank Jess enough for the precious pictures she took of our daughter Lacy entering the world and the beautiful photos of our eldest daughter Lily seeing her baby sister for the very first time . Choosing to have a birth photographer was the best thing we could of done . Jessica will always hold a special place in our hearts and in the memories she captured for our family - Tenneill, Dean, Lily and Lacy.



The birth of Rewa

I wanted a birth photographer so I could remember and cherish the birth of my first child forever & what better way to remember such an important & happy time of my life then with photos. I started searching and came across Jessica Home-Grown Photography and imediately loved her work. Jessica wasnt only my photographer but she was like my midwife (better then my midwife) she was such good support, (not only during my labour but throughout my pregnancy) knew what to and say to keep me calm, without her and my support group i dont know how i would of done it. Seeing the photos and video made my partner and I so happy, there absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much Jessica, your work truly means a lot & I cant thank you enough - Jenny, Jordan and baby Rewa.


The birth of Ivy

Jessica is more than just a photographer, she gave me marvellous support and was lovely to talk to through labour, she lifted the mood in the room as we were quite fearsome from a earlier traumatic birth. She put the video together amazingly and it was very tasteful (I've shown it to my dad!) I still cry tears of joy every time I watch it, it's almost like I re-live the birth and the music she added to the video matched perfectly with it. I'll definitely be having her take photos at every other one of my children's births and I feel blessed to have her capture all the beautiful memories from the birth of my baby girl - Isabel, Dylan, Leila and baby Ivy.